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SLC Smart One S24021 Quick Start Guide

1. TouchLink the SmartOne converter to a Zigbee remote

2. Connect the SmartOne converter to a Zigbee Smart Hub

3. Factory reset

4. Full User Manual (PDF)

TouchLink to a Zigbee Lighting Device

1. Press the programming button on the SmartOne converter 4 times. 

2. Bring the remote close to the SmartOne converter.

3. Set the Zigbee remote in TouchLink pairing mode.  

The lights will blink to confirm a sucsessful pair. 


1. Factory reset the remote and device, see user manual. (SmartOne Remotes: Quick Guides).

2. Try step 1-3 again. 

Zigbee Network pairing through a Zigbee Gateway/Hub

1. Choose to add a new light from your compatible Zigbee Hub Interface. Your interface is now searching for new Zigbee devices on the network.

2. Press the programming button 5 times on the SmartOne PSU. 

3. The PSU will turn up in your Hub Interface. 


1. Try step 1-3 again

2. Reset the SmartOne PSU to factory settings (Step 2), and then try step 1-3 again.

Factory reset the SmartOne Converter

1. Press the programming button on the SmartOne PSU 5 times. 

Note: This will erase all bindigs to the device and start pairing mode. (15 seconds timeout).

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