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Allround 360


Probably the best downlight in the world...

• Can be installed into the insulation
• Can be used outdoors
• Can be rotated 360° and tilted 30°
• Good color rendering CRI >95
• Quick connection box with loop in/loop out
•16mm pipe access
• Beautiful, smooth design

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SLC Allround 360° Downlight R83 TED

The SLC Allround is a highly functional recessed ceiling luminaire, that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It can be rotated and tilted and allows individual adjustment of the light direction. Can be mounted directly in the insulation, all the way up to the moisture barrier. No installation box is required.

SLC Allround Extension Bezel R95-110 Ø134

• Extension ring that fits cut-out holes Ø: 95-110 mm• Inner diameter Ø: 90 mm• Outer diameter Ø: 134 mm• Produced in the same finish as the white Allround 360