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24V Mono

Here you will find all of our 24V Mono LED strips from our in-house brand the Scandinavian Lighting Concept (SLC). We focus on high-quality products with a 5-year warranty for professional installations that lasts. Please feel free to contact us if you are in doubt about what strip to select for your next project. 

Standard 2.0

Our most versatile high-end LED strips. The perfect choice for most professional installations. 

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ALine 9,6W

Project LED strip with high lumen output and good efficiency at a good value.

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Basic 4,8W

Low-wattage LED strip suitable for visual decorative effects.

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Ultra Long

Perfect for long lines of continuous light. Up to 30m on one connection saves a lot of time when installing. 

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High Efficiency

The SLC High Efficiency is a professional LED-Strip with high light output per meter. It is suitable for projects where efficiency is essential.

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High Output

Professional LED strips with high-lumen output and continuous light up to 10 meters on one connection. 

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The SLC COB is a special LED-Strip designed to achieve even light. With 512 LEDs in each meter, it easily creates a uniform line of light, even when using a low aluminium profile.

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HD 14W

The SLC HD is a special LED-Strip with high density. It is designed to achieve extra smooth and uniform light even despite low installation height. 

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Single Cut 14W

The SLC Single Cut is a LED-Strip suitable for installations, where the length shall be as precise as possible. It can be divided between each LED diode and will therefore fit well into any custom-made profile lengths

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Full Spectrum 9,6W

The SLC Full spectrum is designed for accurate Colour visualisation; CRI> 98.

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Single Colour 9,6W

Low wattage LED-Strip (9,6W/m) which is suitable for visual decorative and accentual effects.

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DimToWarm 9,6W

The Dim to Warm LED strip gives a warmer colour temperature the more you dim the light.

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