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The next generation of retail lighting with Artificial Intelligence

Meta Pro AI is a revolutionary retail spotlight for tracks. What is unique about this particular spotlight, compared to all other shop spotlights on the market, is that it has artificial intelligence. The spotlight automatically adjusts the light colour to highlight the product in the best possible way. In addition, it has a motion sensor that registers visitor and behavioral data, which can therefore provide valuable information for the retailer.


The sensor analyses the object 

The light automatically adjusts to show the object's colours in the best possible way.
Meta Pro AI also records the number of visitors and how long they spend in each place.




Technical specifications

Black | White
2700K - 6500K + RGB
2300lm | 35W
Light distribution 24°



Custom app

Using the app, you can easily set the spots to optimize the lighting for your particular room. Here you can create groups, adjust colour rendering, dimming and read visitor data.




Get a full overview of visitors and their behavioral patterns.
This can provide valuable information for the retailer.




Meta Pro AI comes pre-set plug-and-play
right out of the box. 




Kristiansand Zoo

- We at Kristiansand Dyrepark AS are excited to share our positive experiences with The Light Group’s innovative lighting solution with AI spotlights. This unique solution has not only improved our understanding of customer behaviour, but has also had a clear and measurable positive effect on our operations.


John Fredrik H. Nilsen

Head of Stores, Games and Warehouse


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