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SLC Neon Flex LED

SLC Neon Flex is an LED strip molded in high-quality silicone that provides opportunities for new applications.

Sold in custom lenghts

We produce Neon Flex in custom lengths for your project. Choose the desired connection/input angle. Neon Flex uses 24V Constant Voltage, and we are happy to assist you with the optimal control system for your project.  

• 24V Constant Voltage
UV and Sea-Air Resistant (Neon Flex Side and Neon Flex Top)
• Available in three editions: Side, Top and Full-Flex
• Available in various white colours as well as Tunable White and RGBW
• Up to 27 meters with one connection
• Applications: both indoor and outdoor such as decor lighting, garden lighting, effect lighting and more


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SLC Mini Neon Flex LED Side Bend Black Wings

The SLC Mini Neon Flex is a super slim LED-Strip that is moulded in high-quality silicone. Therefore, it provides many options for new kinds of applications.