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SLC LED-strips Standard 2 CV 9,6W CRI90

Upgrade your lighting with SLC Standard 2.0 LED strip! Our new standard LED strip has been improved with higher color rendering up to CRI 90+, even better light output and lower power consumption. It is suitable for most installations, including direct, design and backlighting. With 126 LEDs per meter, it is easier to create a uniform light line in most installations. The strip should be laid in profile for cooling, ensuring longevity. With double-sided 3M tape, it is versatile and easy to install. Upgrade your lighting with SLC Standard 2.0 LED strip and experience the difference!

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Introducing the SLC Standard 2 LED strip - the perfect choice for all professional LED strip installations! With outstanding light output and low power consumption, this LED strip is designed to offer exceptional performance and sustainability over the years to come.

Featuring excellent colour rendering with CRI 90+, high lumen output, and good efficiency, this LED strip is perfect for most installations as both direct and indirect lighting. It creates uniform light with 126 LEDs per meter, making it ideal for a seamless lighting experience.

To ensure a long lifetime, the SLC Standard 2 LED strip must be placed in a profile for cooling. With its double-sided 3M tape, this LED strip is versatile and easy to mount. You can quickly and easily install it anywhere, making it the perfect choice for any professional LED strip installation.

Experience exceptional lighting performance with the SLC Standard 2 LED strip.

SLC SmartOne Power Supply CV 24V 96W Mono Zigbee

Mono 24V, PSU with built-in PWM dimmerBased on the latest Zigbee 3.0 protocolWorks stand-alone when connecting a push switch orwirelessly via TouchLink to a remote control/switchSupports TouchLink communication with Zigbee remotes and switchesCompatible with most smart home systems