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SLC SmartOne Zigbee to DALI/1-10V Signal Converter

SmartOne to DALI Converter that transfers all the benefits of SmartOne Zigbee to your DALI system. The converter supports all DALI colour protocols and can send all types of DALI commands out on a DALI bus. The converter has integrated smart home
functionality (Zigbee 3.0) for integration with smart home systems. Also works wirelessly via TouchLink to a remote control, completely without the need for a Hub / Gateway.

• Zigbee to DALI + 1-10V signal converter
• Mono, Tunable White, RGB and RGBW
• DALI DT8: Dim, DT8 Tc, DT8 XY, DT8 RGBW
• Perfect for simple and stable wireless control of DALI
• The converter also releases DALI power on the bus.
• Can also be controlled by a universal 8-230V spring-loaded switch

Quick Installation Guide

S24021 - SLC SMartOne Zigbee to DALI/1-10V Signal Converter

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