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The Iron Age Farm

The Iron Age Farm (Jernaldergården) at Ullandhaug is rebuilt on the original remains and ruins of a farm that dates back to the Migration Period, approx. 350 – 550 AD, and is the only one of its kind in Norway.

The farm is a live open-air museum, where you can experience how everyday life was before the Viking Age.

But how to illuminate a farm from ancient times, long before lighting was part of society?



With great respect for history, our client solved the task with hidden, indirect illumination.

Here's is the result:



Hidden indrirect LED Strips ^

With LED strips mounted on the beams, the farm received a hidden, indirect lighting up to the ceiling.

Products used: Profile B3 Standard // LED Strips 15 W/m


Under the benches ^

The LED strips under the benches can be dimmed. Here it was used 2700K to get a warm and good light that gives the right feeling and atmosphere

Products used: Profiel A3 Standard // LED-stripe 9,6 W/m