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LogiQ Control System

LogiQ Control System: One system to control them all.

The SLC LogiQ system is based on high end dimmable LED drivers and plugin control modules. This way you can first choose the LogiQ driver that suits the fixture and then choose how it's controlled by selecting the preferred control module.





Endless possibilities

LogiQ systems enables you to combine LogiQ Plugs with "neutral" driver. Just choose one in varieties of Plugs and combine them with 40W-60W or 75W Driver.
Plugs can afterwords be changed if requirement are changed. So for example, if you choose to go from z-wave to zigbee, there is no need for new drivers,
LogiQ Plugs will do the trick. 





Reduce warehouse inventory while simultaneously increasing possibilities!
SLC LogiQ system gives you possibilities to order neutral drivers first and then choosing the system afterward, saving tons of space - storage, and money! 

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SLC LogiQ LED Driver CV 12VDC 50W 2CH

LogiQ Constant Voltage 12V dimmable 2 channel driver for LED luminaries. Works with multiple control modules: DALI (DT6/DT8), DMX/RDM, RF, 1-10V, ZigBee, Z-Wave (see accessories or plugin modules).