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SLC OnePro Downlight Series

High Lumen Output | 5-year warranty

Discover the SLC OnePro Downlight - a high-quality, Norwegian-designed LED downlight with impressive lumen output. Our downlights are specifically designed for professional lighting installations and come with a 5-year warranty. With SLC OnePro Downlight, you get a reliable and energy-efficient lighting solution that provides exceptional brightness and optimal performance.


Up to 1160 lm
Cut-out: Ø68-75 mm


Also available with DALI-2 Driver


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Click on the images below for the complete datasheet and more information. 

The Light Group AS has gone through an in-house environmental certification process. That motivated us to explore how we could contribute to environmental improvements within our product range.



We decided to have a look at how we package our products. Downlights and lighting, in general, are being installed in high volumes. And the amount of waste from the packaging alone is alarming. The amount of garbage afflicts the environment and the installer that has to deal with all this trash. 


Quick unpacking

We designed the packaging so the product is supported by its components inside the packaging. The result is no extra waste, like cardboard, foam, or plastic, saving installation time.