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SLC One360 SunLike

SLC One360° SunLike brings natural,
sun-like light into interior spaces.

Blue spectrum

Our SLC One downlight (SunLike®) uses violet LED and TRI-R phosphor technology to reduce and remove LED blue spectrum. The graph compares the blue spectrum in a traditional LED and SunLike® LED with the sun as a reference.

The light source has a reduced metal surface compared to other solutions. Consideration for optimal handling of heat development is nevertheless taken care of.

Benefits of SunLike®

SunLike® products support human health and well-being. SunLike® products are suitable for commercial lighting, museums, residential lighting, etc. where you want high quality in terms of product, light quality, and warranty.

In a clinical study, the results show that SunLike® statistically provides significant health benefits compared to conventional LEDs.

These positive results are due to its advanced technology for SunLike® as corresponds to the natural solar spectrum and enables healthier light production indoors.

This is our solution

100% Recycled FSC cardbord

No plastic bag - but still protected

No plastic foam - but still protected

A streamlined "die-cut" that protects the product

No four-color print on (Four pressure plates, reduced to one)

User manual printed directly on the box

No plastic stickers on the product

Only black ink is approved according to REACH

Simplified recycling

Weight reduction for transportation

Stackable box for easy handling


Traditional packing

Sustainable packaging

Less waste

The packaging is reduced and made of 100% recycled cardboard. All product information is laser printed directly on the recessed luminaire. Product specifications and instructions are printed on the outside of the box. So there is no need for plastic bags, plastic labels, and printed instruction manuals.


The packaging form allows you to stack the empty cartons. You save valuable time during disposal after installation and additionally have a very reduced amount of waste.

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