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Restaurant Nick & Jonnies

Nick & Jonnies Restaurant & Bar, Stavanger

A comfortable atmosphere is important in space, the goal is for guests to feel relaxed and have a good experience. The renovation of Fork & Carafe, now Nick & Jonnie's Restaurant & Bar in Stavanger, has managed to create the perfect atmosphere.

Nick & Jonnies

Together with the texture of the ceiling, the blue light gives the character and the right atmosphere in the restaurant.

Nick & JonniesNick & Jonnies

The Curve profile is used unde the couch:

Nick & Jonnies

Nick & Jonnies

A 9,6W LED strip is mounted under the bar counter. 

Nick & JonniesNick & Jonnies

Decor lighting in the cabinets:

Nick & JonniesNick & Jonnies

Installer: Relatek Elektro AS
Photographer: Eivind Sæthre

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SLC L2 Curve 2m

Flexible aluminum profile for use in curved fields or as ceiling lighting. The profile holds the shape after adjustment

SLC Power Supply CV RF 24V 100W PWM PushDim

100W Power supply with built-in PWM-dimmer. Mono, RGB, RGBW, and DW.