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SLC 1-10V Controller CV 1x10A 12-36V

Mono 12-36VDC Dimmer. Mono. 1 x 10A. 96-360W. Can be dimmed with PushDim or 1-10V potmeter / shunt.

SLC 1-10V Controller CV 4Ch 4x5A

Controller with 4 channel 0/1-10V signal Input and 4 channels PWM Output. Receives standard 0/1-10V dimming signal.0-100% dimming range via logarithmic characteristic, perfect for human's vision.

SLC DMX Controller CV 4x5A 12-36V RGBW

Standard DMX512 compliant control interface enables to set the DMX address freely and show address Via digital numeric display.

SLC DMX512/SPI/RF Controller 5V CV 12-24V OLED

Smart controller with PSI output signal for controlling RGB or RGBW pixel LEDs. Can also be controlled with RF Remote Controls, DMX console or sequencing software. OLED display for easy programming directly on the device.