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SLC SmartOne - A smart control system for lighting

SLC SmartOne is an open control system with traditional components, made smart. The SmartOne products function as a stand-alone solution right out of the box, but can also use together with an overlying smart home system of their choice. 

Open protocol

SmartOne system communicates on an open Zigbee protocol that can also be used by the largest SmartHus players on small. It does on our SmartOne products that I look good with other smart systems and you do not want to limit what is in a closed system.




All our SmartOne products can be easily controlled wirelessly using TouchLink - completely without the need for a smart home system.

Professional lighting

The SmartOne system can also communicate wirelessly on a DALI Bus or 1-10V to cover all needs in professional lighting.

Complete solution

The SmartOne system covers all types of needs in small and large lighting installations. We offer professional control units for everything from dimming of downlights, ceiling lamps and outdoor lights, to installations with LED strips.


All SmartOne devices with fixed power supply act as repeaters for all devices that are connected in the same system. Devices on battery will only link to the mesh network. In short, you can mount SmartOne products anywhere in the house, and they will automatically create a mesh network for better range.

Download Catalogue

See all of our SmartOne products in our brand new catalogue. Read online or download as a PDF.

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Learn more about SLC SmartOne

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SLC SmartOne Power Supply CV 24V 75W RGB/RGBW Zigbee

• RGB / RGBW 24V, 75W PSU with built-in PWM dimmer• Based on the latest Zigbee 3.0 protocol• Works stand-alone when connecting a push switch or wirelessly via TouchLink to a remote control/switch• Supports TouchLink communication with Zigbee remotes and switches• Compatible with most smart home systems

SLC SmartOne Zigbee 4in1 Rotary Remote

• Wireless multi-dimmer• Can be mounted surface-mounted on a wall• Based on the latest supporting Zigbee 3.0 protocol Touchlink communication with Zigbee devices• Can control Mono, Tunable White, RGB, RGBW and RGB + TW * with simple button presses• Battery-powered• Fits in frame 55x55 mm

SLC SmartOne Zigbee CC Driver 2CH 50W 350-1500mA TW

Dimmable LED driver, ZigBee device based on ZigBee 3.0 protocolMax. output power 50W total, 350-1500mA constant current outputDips to select multi-operation current