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SLC 1-10V Controller CV 4Ch 4x5A

Controller with 4 channel 0/1-10V signal Input and 4 channels PWM Output. Receives standard 0/1-10V dimming signal.0-100% dimming range via logarithmic characteristic, perfect for human's vision.

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SKU: S22004
Technical data
CE Yes
Exterior color White
Dimming curve (LED) Logarithmic
Dimming range 0-100% %
Flicker free Yes
Operating temperature -20°C ~ +45°C °C
Expected lifetime (Ta 45°C) 50000 Hours
RoHs Yes
Tc 75 °C
Protection class II
Housing Plastic housing
Degree of protection (IP) IP20
Number of colour channels 4
Operating method 1 - 10 V
Dimming method Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
Dimming interface 1-10V
Input voltage 12.0 - 36.0 V
Output type Constant voltage (CV)
Output power per channel [60.0, 180.0] W
Max. output current 20 A
Output current per channel [5.0, 5.0] A
Max total output power 720 W
Output voltage 12.0 - 36.0 V
Max output current 20 A
Max total output power at 24VDC 480 W
Output power per channel at 24VDC 120 W
Mono Yes
Length 178 mm
Height 22 mm
Width 46 mm
Model Static
Surface-mounted Yes
logistics data
Imported by The Light Group
Brand SLC
D-pack length 380 mm
D-pack weight 14000 g
D-pack height/diameter 280 mm
D-pack quantity 100 pcs
D-pack width 270 mm
F-pack width 46 mm
F-pack height 22 mm
F-pack weight 120 g
F-pack length 178 mm
M-pack weight 130 g
M-pack height 50 mm
M-pack width 25 mm
M-pack length 180 mm
Number 1
• With 4 Channel 0/1-10V signal Input, 4 Channels PWM Output
• Analogue dim driver, receive standard 0/1-10V dim signal input
• 0-100% dimming range via logarithmic characteristic, perfect for human's vision
• 256 levels of Greyscales, smoothly without any flash
• To work with power repeater to expand output unlimitedly.
• Can coordinate with 0/1-10V regulator or 0/1-10V dimmer to do analogue dimming, smooth dimming curve, be in
direct proportion to the voltage curve of regular.