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SLC LED STRIP RGBW CV 60 10M 12MM 14,4W 720LM RGB 3000K CRI80 IP20

RGB/W technology is a multi-colored LED strip that also includes white light (3000K). Suitable for those who want to create colorful and creative installations, but at the same time offers the possibility to choose white neutral light in one and the same strip. Add color to special designs, give rooms a new atmosphere or add that little extra in the children's room while retaining the option of normal lighting.

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NumberS14055 NameSLC LED STRIP RGBW CV 60 10M 16MM 14,4W 680LM RGB 3000K CRI80 IP67 Price

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RGBW is a multicolour LED strip that also contains white light (3000K). Suitable for colourful and creative installations that also offer the possibility of using white light. Add colour to a special design, give a new atmosphere to a room or add something special to a child's room while maintaining the option of normal lighting. Our simple and easy to use RGBW standalone controls will fit into any installation. They should be installed in aluminium profiles to ensure adequate cooling and long life.

RGB + 3000K: 720lm/m
3000K: 315lm/m
R: 105lm/m
G: 245lm/m
B: 55lm/m