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SLC One360 SunLike Downlight R68-83

With the SLC One360° SunLike recessed luminaires, we bring natural, sun-like light into interiors - less blue spectrum for healthier light and more well-being. The successful One360° has been expanded with our new One360° SunLike product. Equipped with SunLike chip technology. Supplied completely ready for connection with driver in environmentally friendly packaging.

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SunLike Chip
Reduced blue spectrum for healthier light and well-being. Proven to improve visual comfort and mood throughout the day. With CRI/Ra 98, SunLike also reveals the true depth of colours and textures found in nature.

Quick and easy installation
One 360° and OneSoft come with a quick connector between the recessed luminaire and the control gear, so you can easily disconnect the recessed luminaire from the control gear. We also use quick-connect boxes with strain relief and connection for hoses.

A recessed luminaire for indoors and outdoors
We have created a recessed luminaire that is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. The recessed luminaire is not 100% waterproof, but it is resistant enough to be used outdoors (IP44).

Perfect for renovation projects
We have created a recessed luminaire for all existing ceiling cut-outs of 68-83 mm. Combined with a low installation height of only 46 mm, this recessed luminaire is ideal for replacing old halogen recessed luminaires. You can also install this recessed luminaire directly into the insulation.

- for new and renovation projects
- can be installed in the insulation up to the moisture barrier
- no recessed box required
- tilts 30° in all directions (360°)
- suitable for outdoor use
- quick connector
- Cable / hose


Supports DALI-2 + PUSH dimming modeDIP-switch can realise 10-level current output control.Soft dimming and flicker-free at any brightnessUsing HPC patented technology, the current output between drivers is the same at any dimming level.


Extension ring that fits cut-out holes Ø: 83-110 mm• Inner diameter Ø: 70 mm• Outer diameter Ø: 134 mm• Produced in the same finish as the white OneSoft & One360

SLC OneSoft Deco Box

Deco Box for SLC One Soft downlights. Decorative cover that is easy to install with the One Soft downlights. Also reduced glare. Height: 60 mm. Width: 93,5 mm. Cut out-hole: 70 mm

SLC SmartOne AC Dimmer Mini 200W Zigbee LN

Mini trailing edge dimmer based on the latest Zigbee 3.0 protocolsDims from 1-100%AC-Push inputCompatible with most smart home systems or stand aloneSupports TouchLink communication with Zigbee remotes and switchesSmall size, fits in standard wall boxAdjustable minimum dim level

SLC SmartOne AC Wall dimmer 250W Zigbee

SmartOne is a new control concept from SLC with Zigbee technology. Smart One dimmers and controllers can be easily implemented in smart home systems developed by the providers who embraced this technology, currently working perfectly with gateways such as Amazon Alexa, Phillips Hue, Samsung and more.

SLC SmartOne Zigbee On/Off AC 1,8A 400W Built-In Switch

Power switch based on the latest Zigbee 3.0 protocols100-240V AC input and output voltageAC-Push Switch inputCompatible with most smart home systemsSupports TouchLink communication with Zigbee remotes and switchesSmall size, fits in standard wall boxNOTE! Not potential-free output