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SLC SmartOne Zigbee On/Off AC 1,8A 400W Built-In Switch

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SKU: S24015
Technical data
CE Yes
Exterior color White
Operating temperature -20°C ~ +45°C °C
Protection class II
Housing Plastic housing
Programmable Yes
Degree of protection (IP) IP20
Operating method Zigbee
Electrical connection (Input) L`L`N`N screw connection
Input voltage 100.0 - 240.0 V
Max. output current 1.8 A
Output voltage 100.0 - 240.0 V
Length 45.5 mm
Height 20.3 mm
Width 45 mm
Model Static
Built-in Yes
logistics data
Imported by The Light Group
Brand SLC
D-pack length 380 mm
D-pack weight 11370 g
D-pack height/diameter 280 mm
D-pack quantity 200 pcs
D-pack width 270 mm
F-pack width 45 mm
F-pack height 20.3 mm
F-pack weight 40 g
F-pack length 45.5 mm
M-pack weight 50 g
M-pack height 55 mm
M-pack width 35 mm
M-pack length 55 mm
Number 1