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COB LED Strips


Uniform light, all the way

The SLC COB LED Strip is a LED Strip designed to produce uniform light in places where traditional LED Strips can’t. It is perfect for low profiles, where the distance between the LED Strip and the cover is small.

The COB Strip also provides a rendering index of  90+ CRI and has all the other benefits of the SLC Brand.

Available in protecting classes IP20 and IP54.

Available in 2700K / 3000K and 4000K.

• Special LED strip designed to achieve uniform light, where others can’t.
• Powered by 24VDC Constant Voltage Current
• 512 LEDs each meter makes it easy to create uniform light
• Run up to 5 meter on a single connection
• High CRI 90+
• MacAdam 3
• A lot of light output, up to 1045 lm/m
• Power consumption of 11W/m
• With double-sided 3M 300LSE tape, the strip is versatile and easy to install
• Should be placed in profile for cooling, this to ensure longevity
• 2 meter connection wire is mounted on each side of the LED Strips


Uniform light, in low profiles

To achieve uniform light in a low profile can be difficult, but this is where the COB Strip comes in. With 512 LED's for each meter, you will always achieve uniform light. Here you can see an illustration where we placed the "COB Strip" side by side with one of our Standard LED Strips in a low profile. See the difference when we apply the different covers to the profile:


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SLC A1 Standard Low 2m

Low and narrow aluminum profile from SLC, with a wide range of applications. Recommended for indirect lighting due to low build height between LED strip and cover.