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5-Year Warranty

Warranty - Period:

The Light Group AS have 5 years warranty against fabrication errors as standard. Certain products marked accordingly, have 3 years warranty against fabrication errors.
The guarantee is valid from time of documented mounting, provided that below information are maintained and in accordance.
If date/time of documented mounting cannot be documented by customer, date/time when item left The Light Group AS warehouse will be the applicable date/time.

Guarantee demands that the product has been installed by an approved installer, and according to the specific user manual, technical specifications, frame of given usage, environment, service and/or user manual.

The light group AS – Obligations under warranty:

Obligations are limited to repair or replace products manufactured by The Light Groups AS or its sub supplier. The Light Groups AS or its sub supplier does not assume responsibility for delays in relations to reparations, parts, or products. Items repaired, replaced by The Light Group AS or its sub supplier under warranty, shall only warrant for the remainder of the original warranty period.

No other warranties expressed or implied are given. The Light Group AS and its sub suppliers disclaim all other warranties.

Warranty do not cover:

Any kind of consequential damages.
Exposure to extreme conditions beyond The Light Group AS control (Incorrect or poor ventilation, lightning/thunder, water ingress, fire, etc.)
Replacements of components due to wear and tear.
Compatibility issues.

Unauthorized personnel:
- Installations
- Modifications
- Maintenance
- Service and/or changes not according to service manual.