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Welcome to the Craftsman House at Mjåvann in Kristiansand - this building is specially adapted to meet the needs of tenants representing various fields within property development, construction and entrepreneurship. 

We are proud to have been chosen as the preferred lighting partner. Our daughter company, Lyskomponenter has been responsible for the project planning and delivery of the lighting system.


The Facade

The building is designed to highlight its architectural construction. To achieve this, we have integrated an LED strip that follows the building's lines at the entrance. This creates a stylish effect that attracts extra attention to the building, especially at night.

We have used the HO 10W LED strip and the B4 profile.



The LED strips installed at the entrance are RGBW, which allows playing with different colours as needed. These strips are controlled with a DALI driver and a user-friendly wall panel, making it easy to change the colour.

Products: RGBW LED strip 10m / DALI Driver / Wall panel / SLC A3 black aluminium profile.

We have used powerful LED strips mounted on the ceiling to address the lighting needs on the balcony connected to the cafeteria. These not only provide good general lighting for the balcony but also contribute to creating straight light lines that enhance the building's architecture.

All the LED strips used on the facade are controlled with DALI so the customer can program different scenes as needed.

Product selection: HO 10W LED strip // B3 Standard profile

Welcome inside!

We used energy-efficient LED panels in the reception area with a black circular plate. This provides a unique look compared to a standard 60x60 panel while also providing comfortable general lighting without glare.

Product selection: Think Microprismatic LED panel / Circular plate.


In this area, we have continued to use energy-efficient LED panels with black circular plates in the ceiling to provide comfortable general lighting. These panels are controlled by DALI and programmed with sensors that reduce energy consumption when the cafeteria is not in use.

Product selection: Think Microprismatic LED panel / Circular plate.

Office Space

Also, we use energy-efficient LED panels in the office space, meeting rooms, and corridors, both with and without circular plates. This helps to keep energy consumption low while also providing comfortable lighting without glare in the workplace.

In addition, a cosy social area has been created in the middle of the office space with a fireplace and a coffee station.

Product selection: Think Microprismatic LED panel / Circular plate.

Production and Warehouse

Since the building accommodates many different professions, the various parts of the building have different lighting needs that must be tailored to the work being performed.

This building has several types of businesses, such as electrical installers, painters, sheet metal workers, carpenters, and plumbers.


Here we have used the Vector HiBay as general lighting. This is a highly energy-efficient (182 lm/W) and easy-to-install luminaire with wide light distribution, which means it illuminates well into shelves and racks. This helps to ensure that we meet lighting requirements with low power consumption.

PS! Due to the efficiency and light distribution, we managed to light up the 520 m2 room with a ceiling height of 8 meters using only six fixtures.

Cutting Room

The cutting room required a closed industrial luminaire due to the activities planned in the room, with a need for good lighting to perform precision work. Therefore, we chose the SLC Beam 1500, which provides good lighting, low glare, and good light distribution.

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